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Mastering the Kettlebell Program

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Offering Quality Education for Athletes, Coaches & Trainers

Whether you're a coach, trainer, recreational or competitive athlete, if you're fully committed to begin a conscious process towards growth, you've come to the right place. With live workshops and online education on diverse topics in health & performance, Mike's mission is to deliver the highest level of information based on years of actual experience and collaboration with some of the industry's greatest minds. 

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Health as the basis for high performance 

A holistic approach to high performance always begins from the inside-out. And yet, many recreational and competitive athletes to this day still carry the mindset that more is better, and rely on the latest pre-workout supplement to give them an edge.

When an athlete manages the foundations of health first - encompassing their thoughts, breathing, hydration, nourishment, sleep, and movement, only then will he or she be in a state of pure potential.

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"Self-consciousness is when you’re focused on how you’re doing instead of what you’re doing. We have to learn how to push and challenge ourselves, but not in an insensitive way. Honing your performance really comes down to being comfortable with being uncomfortable."

— George Mumford