Bulgarian Bag Fundamentals + Workout

January 16, 2021 @9amPST / 12pmEST

In this 90 minute workshop, you will learn the elements that make up the Suples Bulgarian Bag, why training with it is so unique, a bit of history, key fundamental exercises such as the Spin, Snatch, and Swing squat. You will also be lead through a fun, and challenging workout at the end of the workshop that integrates the three signature dynamic movements mentioned above, as well as a series of other exercises. While this workshop is appropriate for both novices as well as intermediate levels, it is a "learn by doing" workshop, so please come prepared to move and have a great time. Upon registration, you will receive confirmation that secures your spot, as well as be given a special discount code on Bulgarian Bags in case you are in need of one prior to this upcoming event. 

ELDOA for Pain Free Performance with Justin Brien

February 20, 2021 @9amPST / 12pmEST

ELDOA strengthening exercises/postures have been gaining more attention in recent years for their effectiveness in reducing/eliminating pain, and improving performance. ELDOAs are precise exercises developed by French Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer, that work to increase the space in a given joint. With this space (termed decoaptation) comes a host of benefits, such as: improved hydration of discs, circulation, joint mechanics, posture, a sense of well being, and much more. Mike has brought in ELDOA Certifying Instructor, Justin Brien to share an introduction to the ELDOA method with you, as well as focus this 90 minute workshop on the region of the hips and lower back. With so many people suffering from low back pain today, this workshop will be incredibly valuable for any and all who attend. 


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How Top Performing Athletes Use Rituals To Crush Goals with Mike and Lauren Rose

March 27, 2021 @9-10:30amPST / 12-1:30pmEST

We know that driven people will sacrifice everything for their goals only to arrive and still not feel satisfied. I have been the same way throughout many points of my life when getting that I’ve set and gone after. 


You hold yourself back because the process of accomplishing an important goal is so uncomfortable. 

What could you accomplish if you enjoyed each small step along the way?

Imagine arriving at your next goal and being able to celebrate because you’ve enjoyed the process from the start.


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Gut Health and Performance with Dr. Michael Ruscio

April 24, 2021 @10amPST / 1pmEST

Having a healthy and well functioning gut is critical if we wish to be a high performer. In fact, the gut is now being called the "second brain," and has a direct influence on our thoughts and emotions. In this 90 minute workshop, Mike brings in a respected gut health expert and author Dr. Michael Ruscio to lead you through the process of increasing awareness and knowledge of the gut, as well as practical action steps you can take to improve the health of your gut for improved energy, mental alertness, stamina, and performance. If you're motivated in 2021 to feel your best, this is a workshop you must attend.  


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Suples Ball Fundamentals + Workout

May 22, 2021 @10amPST / 12pmEST

The Suples Ball was developed by former olympian, and US olympic Greco-Roman Wrestling coach, Ivan Ivanov. In my experience, there are few tools better for conditioning these three athletic abilities: speed, cardio, and coordination. In this 90 minute workshop, you will learn Suples Ball fundamental movements such as the Over-Shoulder Swing, Split Strap Swing, Spin, Snatch, and Slam. You will also be lead through a fun, and challenging workout at the end of the workshop that integrates the movements mentioned above, as well as a few other exercises into a flow. 


If you need a Suples Ball, click here and use code TEAMSALEMI10 for 10% off.

Resolving Neck Pain, Headaches, and Migraines with Dr. Drew Vercellino

June 19, 2021 @9amPST / 12pmEST

Neck pain, headaches, and migraines affect countless people world-wide - whether you're a busy entrepreneur, competitive athlete, student, mother, and the list goes on. Dr. Drew Vercellino is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor (a chiropractor who specializes in the upper neck region, namely the "Atlas-Axis" a.k.a. Cervical Vertebrae 1 & Cervical Vertebrae 2). Dr. Drew not only brings extensive knowledge in this specialty, but also in the realm of strength & conditioning.  He's been a colleague of Mike's and dear friend for over 7 years and in that time he's helped Mike formulate many of his holistic kettlebell offerings. In this 90 Minute workshop, Dr. Drew will share with you some of the most common causes of neck pain, headaches, and migraines. He will also share a bit of anatomy of this region of the spine, and most importantly give you practical advice on  how you can resolve and help avoid many of these issues in the future. 


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Band Training for Mobility and Athleticism

Saturday, July, 31st, 2021 @9am

While there's a handful of popular training tools today that are both versatile and portable - kettlebells, maces, Bulgarian Bags, sand bags, etc., there is one that is a hidden gem among them all - the band. Traditionally, bands have primarily been used in the rehab and fitness, which can be quite boring to be fully honest. Well, that is about to change. I am very excited to be able to present this 90 minute online workshop on Band Training for Mobility and Athleticism. We will also be doing a workout together towards the end of the class, and I will also open it up for Q+A. The bands I will be using will be Suples H.I.R.T.S Bands, which you can find at this link:

You will be able to watch the workshop for 72 hours following if you are unable to catch it live. Please email me ( if you have any questions. 

Stop Boring Workouts: Kettlebell Progressions to Train Like a Superhero​

August 29, 2021 @9amPST / 12pmEST

The purpose of laying a foundation is so you can build on it. It's time to build.

Progressions increase the complexity of the movement teaching your body to move with more intelligence. Superheroes need to be strong and powerful in any can bet they train with kettlebell progressions :) 

We’ll start with foundational KB movements and progress them to become increasingly more technical (awesome). 


Starting Movements: Two-Hand Swing   I   Press   I   Squat   I   Row   I   Windmill 


These 5 exercises are great, but we’ll go through 4 progressions for each to train stability, mobility, rotation, coordinating momentum, and strength away from the center line. To cap off the workshop, you’ll get an intentionally designed AMRAP workout including each progression. The workout is challenging, fun, and perfect for testing your progress over time.


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