Oct 21 - Italy Kettlebell Mastery Workshop

Oct 21 - Italy Kettlebell Mastery Workshop


Kettlebell Mastery Workshop with Master of Sport Mike Salemi, in Association with Lacertosus

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PRICE: $235 US Dollars (~205 EUROS)

LOCATION: Lacertosus

Via Franklin 21
Parma, Italy

Kettlebell Mastery Workshop Topics: 9am-5pm

  • Mike's "Back to Basics" approach towards kettlebell mastery

  • Simple pre-kettlebell movement checks

  • Main lifts covered: Deadlift, Swing, Squat, Clean and Get Up

  • Common Errors and Fixes

  • Program design tips

Note: Based on the experience level of attendees, Mike will further customize the workshop to best fit the group

Online Kettlebell Program Discounts

  • Following the course, participants will receive a discount on Mike's upcoming online kettlebell program for fitness professionals.