3 Essentials to Swinging for POWER vs. ENDURANCE


The kettlebell swing is considered THE movement to which many other popular kettlebell lifts stem from, such as the clean and snatch. Yet, it is often misunderstood or unknown entirely that there is in fact more than one RIGHT way to swing a kettlebell. 

We'll Dive into

the 3 essential components for athletes and coaches seeking to achieve a specific training effect when performing one of the two main classes of kettlebell swing techniques - be it to maximize lower body power, or sustained muscular endurance. 

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In this book you’ll find:

  • A technical breakdown of the Power vs Endurance Swing

  • The 3 main components of these two kettlebell swing techniques that every athlete, coach, and trainer must know

  • Key points to immediately improve your set-up and execution of the swing

  • Step-by-step photos

  • Pro-tips from a Kettlebell Master of Sport

BONUS, you'll also receive:

  • 8 Week FREE starter Power Swing program

  • 8 Week FREE starter Endurance Swing program