Suples® - Bone Dummy

Suples® - Bone Dummy

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“The Bone” is designed for developing specific strength for the following wrestling techniques - Gut Wrench, Front Head Lock, Crotch Lift, Leg Lace, Straight Lift, Reverse Lift and many other exercises that enhance an athletes flexibility and explosion. More experienced athletes can use The Bone Wrestling Dummy for upper body throws such as; Hip Throw and Body Lock Throws. The Bone comes with a DVD containing detailed training instructions and drills designed by Coach Ivan Ivanov.

This wrestling dummy is a great piece of equipment for developing a strong grip, quick reaction, willpower, static strength and perfect drills for wrestling in parterre. The Bone wrestling dummy makes the drills competitive and brings out the desire and fun while developing excellent technique. “The Bone” is exciting and the work outs are fun.

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* Mike Salemi is an authorized distributor and educator for Suples Training Systems

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