Suples® Ball

Suples® Ball

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The Suples Ball is a unique idea that came after the original Bulgarian Bag. After the Company implemented the Suples Strong model, coach Ivan found that there were certain movements that he was inspired to implement into my workouts that he couldn't quite perform on the Bulgarian Bag Original or the Suples Strong models. For example: the under arm swing, a variety of different slams and some other dynamic movements. When we implemented the strap handles on the Suples Strong model, Ivan found that more movements were made possible.

Those dynamic exercises made coach Ivan realize that he also needed to make something smaller that would help me increase speed without killing his grip, the way the main handles do on the Bulgarian Bag Original and the Suples Strong models.

With that in mind, the Suples Ball was created. The Suples Ball allows new movements and exercises that increase your strength while giving you an intense cardio workout. Their movable handles also allow you to use the Suples Ball as a traditional medicine ball.

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