Have you been wanting to gain the knowledge and practical application to stand out as a leader in the world of kettlebell training? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This comprehensive program offers a non-dogmatic, refreshing dive into the foundations of kettlebell lifting. All that is needed is one kettlebell and the motivation to get started.

Developed by international presenter, kettlebell “Master of Sport”, and World Champion Mike Salemi, this program is a culmination of 15+ years of experience as an athlete and coach. 

After 12 months in the making, this course is truly unlike any other online kettlebell program on the market. If you’re a fitness professional new to kettlebell training, an existing practitioner, or simply someone interested elevating their skill with this incredible tool, Mastering the Kettlebell is perfect for you. 

Embark on this exciting journey with me this New Year! 

Pre-Order special has ended, stay tuned for Program launch Feb. 1st



Kettlebell “Master of Sport”

15+ Years Experience

World Class Coaching


A Kettlebell Program Like NO OTHER

12 Months in the Making

400+ 4K Videos

Step-by-Step Guided Instruction


This Program is DESIGNED FOR

New Fitness Professionals

Motivated Kettlebell Practitioners Wanting More

Anyone Seriously Dedicated to Learning


What’s Inside

  • 400+ 4K Videos

  • Pre-qualifying Assessments

  • Step-by-Step “Mastering the Kettlebell” System

  • 12+ Foundational Single Kettlebell Movements

  • Russian & Pendulum Swing, Clean and Snatch Techniques in Detail

  • Common Errors

  • Movement Variations

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Movement Specific Programming Tips

  • Expert Instruction from a World Champion

  • BONUS 8 interview segments with industry expert Paul Chek

  • BONUS lecture on Program Design

  • BONUS lecture on Posture and the Spine