weekend of high performance

With Mike Salemi - In Association with the C.H.E.K. Institute

October 13-14th

Get Bulgarian Bag Certified and KEttlebell trained!

This special event weekend is brought to you by Kettlebell World Champion, Bulgarian Bag Pro Instructor, and CHEK Practitioner Mike Salemi, in association with the CHEK Institute and Escape Fitness. Mike will travel to CHEK Europe HQ to teach a weekend of high performance. These workshops will cover two incredible functional training tools - the kettlebell and Bulgarian Bag, as well as insight into Mike's approach to holistic high performance, which has been heavily influenced by his personal work with Paul Chek.

**1-on-1 sessions available with Mike on Friday, Oct. 12th. Email mike@mikesalemi.io for more info**

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Suples Bulgarian Bag Level I Certification: 9am-5pm

  • Learn the proper techniques and how to execute Suples' four major dynamic exercises and muscle targeted exercises.

  • Learn how to progress and regress exercises for all levels of fitness.

  • How the Bulgarian Bag is an incredibly versatile tool can be used in any environment to increase muscular strength and endurance, increase anaerobic capacity, neuromuscular drive, speed, agility and overall core strength.

  • Categorize movements such as Spinning, Snatching and/or Throwing and design workouts to maximize carryover to many sports or activities.

CEUS: NASM 0.8, AFAA 8.25 and NSCA 0.9.


*All Bulgarian Bags will be provided by Escape Fitness.

*All Bulgarian Bags will be provided by Escape Fitness.


Kettlebell Performance Workshop Topics: 9am-5pm

  • Mike's "Back to Basics" approach towards kettlebell mastery

  • Simple pre-kettlebell movement checks

  • Main lifts covered: Deadlift, Swing, Squat, Clean and Get Up

  • Common Errors and Fixes

  • Program design tips

  • Receive a bonus lecture on Mikes real world implementation of a 4 Doctor approach - having worked personally with Paul Chek for nearly 3 years one-on-one through the process of rehabilitation up to elite sports performance. 

Note: Based on the experience level of attendees, Mike will further customize the workshop to best fit the group

Online Kettlebell Program Discounts

  • Following the course, participants will receive a discount on Mike's upcoming online kettlebell program for fitness professionals.